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I can only note that CT did not get too hung up on correct pronunciation - in the tape he made as a pronunciation guide for the radio adaptation he pointed out that the 'correct' pronunciation of, say, Celeborn would be 'Keleborrn', but that in a modern dramatisation that wasn't necessary & 'Keleborn' would be acceptable. He also stated that in many cases there wasn't a 'correct' pronunciation of all words. The important thing, as far as he was concerned, was to avoid obvious mistakes in pronunciation - like 'Soron', etc.

Oh, & if anyone wants to hear some of that tape its available on a CD from Nigel Sustins via his website
'Microphones in Middle-Earth', talks given at Church House, Westminster, relating to the BBC Radio dramatisation of Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings' on 5th March 1981. [Track 1] Brian Sibley and Michael Bakewell, co-adapters of the series, talk about how they tackled the task (33 minutes); [Track 2] Penny Leicester, co-producer, Stephen Oliver, composer, David Collings, actor (Legolas) and Peter Woodthorpe, actor (Gollum) discuss their work on the series (39 minutes).
It only includes the first few minutes of the CT recording, but its very interesting to hear his attitude to dramatisation.
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