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Originally Posted by Sauron the White
What Peter Jackson was concerned with was making the best possible film he could make and having that film be a success by the standard measurements common in the commercial film business. And by those measurements it was a wild success. (...) Accuracy ---- what the heck is that? No film adaption is anything near the realm of "accuracy". Its an entirely different medium. One cannot adapt anything accurately from a book into the far different medium of film unless you use the book as your shooting script . Anything else is change. Accuracy regarding something as an obscure language which hardly anyone speaks is irrelevant as far as a films success is concerned. It would mean nothing either way and as such is a non issue.
I note that now accuracy is irrelevant when you shift the context to 'film success'. Earlier however, you were suggesting we roll out some praise for Jackson with your statement: 'Instead of criticizing Jackson for this effort, it would seem some praise is in order for him attempting to go the extra mile to get things right.'

Should we praise Jackson for his pursuit of accuracy in this matter? Or should we just note that it's irrelevant anyway with respect to 'film success'?

How the emphasis appears to have shifted

And if we stick to the subject of accuracy with respect to the Elvish then it's not really all that hard, of course, or overly mysterious, to keep things Tolkien-made if desired.

I'm not a scholar of the invented languages. That noted, had anyone hired me to represent JRRT's Elvish tongues in a film I feel reasonably confident I could: A) find the Elvish in the books for the director B) tell him what the examples mean using the sources available C) help with pronunciation D) add my thoughts concerning the creative task of incorporating the attested Elvish into the films.

No, I'm not going to praise Jackson for hiring someone to fabricate a different order of Elvish while largely tossing Tolkien's Elvish aside. And I see no great reason to blame Salo either.
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