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from Galin

It's easy enough: if one wants unassailable accuracy (and authenticity) use what you find in the books.
I understand your point and respect that it means something important to you and some others who share your love of the Professors Elvish . (and special bonus points to Bethberry for the best line of the month on the Elvish leaving the building). However, not meaning to be rude, but one is tempted to say "so what"? What does it matter to the construction, flow and success of LOTR as a film if the Elvish is used word for word, is changed slightly, or is invented out of whole cloth ? It really has no impact or effect on the film as a film.

Why would a filmmaker want "unassailable accuracy and authenticity" by using what they find in the books if it does not help them in constructing the story as a film? That is one of their main priorities and helps to determine the success of a film. The idea of "unassailable accuracy" means little or nothing in determining the overall success of a film.

I am not trying to belittle your position. Just to clarify that your priorities are clearly not the priorities of the world of commercial filmmakers.
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