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Dick watched the two young hobbits with amusement in his eyes. They twinkled as Primrose took a gulp of the strong brew and watched as her eyes slowly grew larger and her throat swallowed. He could still remember the first time he had drunk the stuff out of pure necessity. His father-in-law had practically forced him to swallow it when Dick had a splitting head ache still early in the morning.

‘Last night still getting to you, my lad?’ the old hobbit had said. ‘I warned you not to stay up so late without drinking something, but did you listen to your old dad? No, sir! It was, “I’ll be fine, thanks much.” Well, now you know better. Here, drink this. No, I insist.’ Dick hadn’t been able to escape the kitchen. Old Goodbody was a quick hobbit for all his corpulence and Dick was slowed with that terrible headache. Anyhow, the coffee had relieved the pain and the weariness and Dick had drunk it ever since.

“Pretty bad, isn’t it?” Will insisted.

“It certainly is. But you know, I think I could get used to it.”

Dick smiled as he took the last gulp of his own coffee. “I think you could, Prim, and it may do you good, if you should ever become overly tired with that leg of yours. Will, I think you’ve recovered enough. If not, have some water or tea, then you’d better be getting back to work.” He returned his dishes to the counter as he spoke. He thanked Cela for breakfast and straightened his vest before going out into the common room.

Gable and Rusty stood just on the outside of the counter. Gable had apparently just finished speaking, the locket lifted in her hand as she looked from one face of a guest to the next. No one said anything and no one claimed the locket.

After a very long pause, Gable sighed and her hand dropped, lowering the locket. Dick leaned across the counter and tugged at her sleeve. The elf turned towards him. “You’d better keep it back in the kitchen, Gable,” Dick said in a lowered voice. “If anyone should ask for it, we can get it for her, or him.”
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