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‘Well, we’d better brew up a large pot of coffee!’ Rowan said, rushing through the door into the kitchen. ‘Maybe two.’ She got out the beans from the pantry and took down the coffee mill from the shelf. Cranking the handling round and round with vigor, she soon had enough ground up coffee beans to put in the two percolators. She filled the two with already hot water from the big kettle, then set them to perking on the back burners of the wood stove.

Grabbing up a tray, she placed on it several plates with eggs and bacon and Cela’s big fluffy biscuits. Pots of honey and jam and butter were tucked in about the plates, as well as bundles of tableware for the prospective diners.

‘Coffee’ll be right out, Miss Rushybanks,’ Rowan said with a smile. ‘Just brewing a pot up fresh now.’ She set the platter of food down, and placed the sugar bowl and small pitcher of cream down on Miribelle’s table in anticipation of bringing her coffee soon. ‘Here’s a small glass of cider to tide you over until the coffee is done.’

Rowan hastened over to the man from Rohan, Master Gulwine, and tugged on his sleeve to get his attention. ‘Just brewing the coffee now, sir,’ she said. She nodded at Gandrio and the Hobbit lass whose name she soon learned was Lily Bunce. ‘I see your friends here are placing their breakfast orders with Tollers. Would you like some food to wash down with your coffee?’
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