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Robby was given a new plate full of food, enough to satisfy a grown man and yet probably not enough for these folks. ‘Ah, hobbits, always so kind’ he thought ‘No, good sir,' Robby added out loud, answering Dick's question 'I think this should be it, unless… well, you see, I got here late last night and there was some singing and all... and I wonder if you could perhaps, if it would not be too much of a trouble –and if it is too much of a trouble don’t hesitate to tell me, good sir- well, maybe introduce me to those good folks who were singing?’ Robby felt suddenly embarrassed, like that time a long time ago when he had met that mysterious man.

Back in Breeland, when he was just a lad of ten summers or so, he and a few of his friends had gone to the Green Dragon Inn to run some errands. The Inn was almost empty, only a few men and one of those strange folks, rangers they called them. He was clad in a dark cloak, but the hood was down, so he could see the man’s face. The ranger looked scary, almost threatening, and yet there was a light in his eyes, almost a longing as the boisterous group of lads swarmed around the common room. The stranger saw them and asked the lads if they wanted to hear a story. All the other lads ran away, but Robby stayed behind and shyly listened to this man’s tale. Ten years later that story still haunted his dreams, yet he had never been able to put it into a song. But then, that wasn’t as unusual as Robby would have you think.
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