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At the sound of his name being called, Will came rushing out from the rear end door of the stable. He’d only just recently awakened, and only then to discover the fracas that had occurred in the stable proper. He’d been in bed, sleeping some fevered dreams after the tea he’d gotten last night from Cela. His arm was aching fiercely as he stumbled out of bed and attempted to tuck in his shirt.

‘Miss Miribelle!’ he called back to the prim little lady trying to keep her pony calm. ‘Here, let me take Cookie from you. I think I’ll just tie her on the other side of the Inn.’ He saw the alarm on Miribelle’s face and quickly reassure her he would bring the pony water and a nice pile of hay to munch on. ‘Going to bring the other horses and ponies over there, too,’ he went on. ‘Keep her company.’ Will glanced back at the stable with its gaping doors. ‘Been quite and uproar in there, this early morning. Wolves! Poor horses were frightened half out of their skins!’

He freed Cookie of the little cart; then, took the reins from Miribelle. ‘You go on in and have yourself something to eat and drink, Miss Miribelle.’ He started leading the pony to the other side of the Perch. ‘Cookie and I will do just fine.’
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