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Small as she was, the little girl knocked into his chair with a great deal of momentum. And large as he was, Skirvir could not help but turn to find the source of the commotion. His eyes at first saw no one, save a youngish lad standing and staring at him a few paces away. The Dwarf looked down, then, and found two bright brown eyes staring up at him.

Skirvir raised his brow and with one great hand reached down and grabbed up the wide-eyed child, sitting her down on the tabletop. ‘Someone’s let the pups loose!’ he chuckled, looking from the girl to the boy and back again.’

‘Is this how the greeting of newcomers is done here in the western lands?’ he asked.

‘Commendably bold,’ answered Bávor, nodding his head as if he’d given it his approval. ‘And certainly attention getting,’ added Bívor. ‘Though I thank my lucky hammer that it was only one of the younger, smaller folk that wished to give us such a welcome.’

‘And what might be your name, little missy?’ Skirvir asked, turning his attention back to the girl. He stroked his long red beard in a considering manner. ‘And you, little master,’ he went on, looking over toward the boy, ‘have you come to give greeting, also?’

Beneath their bushy eyebrows, the eyes of the Dwarves danced with amusement.
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