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"Ah, Will , it is so good to see you up and about. Yes, I did go fishing but I'm afraid I can't take all the credit. Jack, the new fellow that's staying at the Inn, came down with me to the Stock Brook, and we had some marvellous luck."

"In fact, more marvelous luck than any I've had before. Actually, I found a...."

Tollers stopped in his tracks and abruptly closed his mouth. He'd come inside the kitchen to get the serving things for dinner, but all the while he was lovingly fingering the coin inside his breast pocket. Jack had warned him to say nothing about the keep everything a secret, and maybe they could find others like it. Tollers loved secrets. That is, he loved learning about them from other people. But he had a very hard time keeping a secret on his own. It seems that whatever went into his eyes and ears ended up spilling out of his mouth, unless he was very, very careful.This time, at least for the moment, he decided to be careful.

Shifting uneasily from foot to foot, Tollers glanced sheepishly over at Will and changed his tune slightly, "That is, I found a wonderful new spot in the brook, nice cool water under a tree where the fish swim about in the late afternoon. It is a wonderful place to fish. And I'm so glad you're feeling better. How's that hand doing? But let's talk later. I need to set the table for supper."

Tollers hastily excused himself and went over to get some cutlery that needed to be laid out on the dining tables along with several baskets of bread. Just as he left the kitchen, he impulsively nabbed Jack by the shoulder, pulling him off to the side. "I can't stand it, Jack. Either, I have to show this coin to someone, or we go back and find the rest of them. This secret is swelling up inside of me, and I'm going to bust. Anyways, if we wait too long, maybe someone else will get to the coins before we do. Do you think we might go back to the Stock late tonight after everyone is in bed, and have a look about?"

One of the other servers came up to Tollers and urged him to stop dawdling and be quick with the silverware. With a helpless shrug of his shoulders, the hobbit looked back longingly at Jack, frustrated to be cheated out of an immediate answer. "Have to go now and help with dinner, but let me know what you think as soon as you can."

As Tollers left the kitchen, he balanced the cutlery and bread baskets with one hand, while fingering the coin in his pocket with the other. It was very much on his mind.

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