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The fight over, Scyld rapidly found himself alone at the end of the table. Once, he would have found the whole scuffle entertaining: the way Lady Saeryn still seemed to feel threatened by Rowenna (why else so blatantly assert her authority?), Rowenna's rare loss of composure, Léof’s obvious discomfort.

He stirred his soup absently. He was still aware of these things, but his primary emotion now was not amusement. He felt the detachment that he’d cultivated for years slipping away, and he wasn’t sure he liked – or trusted – the way that felt. Glancing over at Rowenna’s still-full soup bowl, he considered trying to take it to her – wasn’t that what she wanted, a man to serve her meal? A smirk twitched at his lips at the thought, but he rejected it. He did not know where she had gone, and he was not going to chase after her. Besides, he had no wish to go back out into the cold and wet now that he was warm and dry.

He played over the fight in his mind as he ate. He was keenly reminded of an earlier thought: that Rowenna still felt she had something to prove. And why should that be? Saeryn was right – no one would dare disrespect Rowenna. But perhaps because of Eodwine’s protection, she never felt that she had earned that respect in her own right? Or maybe, was there something about herself that she simply found un-respectable?

He’d been drawn to her for many reasons, but perhaps the biggest was that they were much alike. For the first time, he wondered if that was a good thing. He frowned. Once, long ago, Rowenna had claimed to have found a home here, but clearly there was still tension. If she had not managed in five years to lay that to rest, what hope did he have? Why had he come back?

He shook his head; it seemed that everyone was in a dark mood tonight.

Just as he was starting to think that Rowenna had been gone overlong, he saw her come inside. He was surprised to see her approach Saeryn directly, though he was too far away to hear what was said. Well. Maybe she would come back for her soup. Despite all his doubts, he rather hoped she would.
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