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Saeryn worked steadily from the time she spoke with Eodwine to when everyone finally came streaming inside. She dismissed her children to go play, warning them to be good. She had intimated to Ruari that she had more to say concerning the incident at the trench, and she wondered if that kept the girl in line, for she did not hear a peep from either twin until supper time.

The trouble was preempting the time when everyone would come inside. They would be filthy and wet, and she wanted neither the wet nor the filth in the hall. Then, about half way through the trying afternoon, water began to seep in under the door. There was not much that could be done about that besides making sure all the grain and anything else that could be destroyed by water was lifted off the floor. Thankfully, before the sun had set, the water had begun to recede again. Saeryn and Cerwyn opened the doors and swept the water back out and mopped up what was left.

When they were finished, they still had the trouble of what to do when the people returned to the hall.

“We will have the women take their outer clothing off and leave it in the passageway there by the kitchen,” Saeryn said as she and Cerwyn removed another large pot of boiling water from the fire and dumped it into the tub. “They can bathe in here. The men can have the hall.”

By the time the trenches were completed, Searyn had every available pot, pan, bowl, caldron, and tub full of hot water. She had soap and towels prepared, too, and when she met them at the door, she began giving orders.

“The men will stay in the hall,” she said. “Take your clothes off here in the entry – I don’t want any of that muck inside the hall. There is water there by the fire.” She pointed. The hearth was crowded with various vessels full of steaming water. “Throw your clothes outside the door. Women, you’ll come around back to the back kitchen entryway.”

The people moved as quickly as they could through their baths, throwing out old soiled water. Cerwyn worked inside, heating more water when any container became available. Saeryn went outside and began gathering the soiled clothing and hanging them on the lines Rowenna had strung earlier.

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