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Originally Posted by Nogrod View Post
You dead person!

Yes you,

exactly you who are reading this.

Please read this before you post anything!

We have a plan were trying to accomplish here. As we have no way to indicate the Living that they should lynch Boro (newcomer: we know McCaber was the last wolf) we try to do it by stopping our posting to 1588 replies.

So don't post anything on this thread for now!

This post is post number 1589 [EDIT: No, Because of Aganzir this is actually the post 1588 - but Aganzir's post is now 1589] – and if you check the ”Active Topics” or ”Middle-Earth Mirth” you can see the thread has 1588 replies. Hope you follow...

1588 replies.

We'll stay silent until the last hours of the Day so that the Living might get the clue: nothing happens in the Dead thread for over half of the Day and the count stands at 1588.

The living might catch it or then they don't. Or some rebellious wolves might not wish to play along just in principle even if Boro is their enemy and the killer of their packmates. But we'll nevertheless wish to give this crazy plan a chance and to give this anniversary game the ending it deserves.

So do not post anything in this thread unless the Living have caught the message, or there is something like 5 to 7 hours of the Day left.

If you feel a need to say something, follow Agan's instructions of deleting one of your earlier posts to keep the post count intact.

Hold your horses!

PS. Read at least this page and the one before to understand how we came about this...

PS2 Let's keep the silence at least for this evening with the Americans - like 10 hours at least. Of course if the living start to think we think it's over, well of course we abandon the tactics (although I can't see why would they think that). I'm just afraid everyone doesn't remember to quote the plan-post and then some people get energized with a discussion and the plan is lost when someone comes into the middle of a discussion and hasn't seen this plan as it has gone up in the thread...

PS3. Although - a couple of posts - rarely made and including this basic message post might be good indeed during the Day if someone notices the discrepancy between the number of replies (1588) and the name of the last poster.
Morm, of course you can "see the deleted posts", they haven't been deleted, only consolidated into other posts with a note of where they originally were.
I was one of the people who called for rules against editing/deleting, and we all understood the purpose was to avoid deception about what was posted and when.
No one is engaging in such deception now.
I actually think your attempt to call what's being done now, cheating, is unsportsmanlike.
Originally Posted by Rikae View Post
And, once again, being "helpful" by suggesting multiple plans... and known innocents are doing it, too.

Get your act together, living people!

Edit: X'd with Nog

And here is what I originally accidentally posted here:
EDIT: My post following this one:
Originally Posted by Rikae
Originally Posted by Nogrod
How many "secure" voters do we have there at the DL against wolves aka. is there a good argument for early-sleepers not to vote at all if there seems to be happening nothing in the Living thread in say 1-1 hours the most?

You have phantom and Firefoot... and me. I solemnly swearto vote in the interests of the village.

(Or is that only believable when wolves say it?)
EDIT - Stop it, phantom! By the time we got to 1688 they'd think we were proceeding as normal
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