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Lilly has just left Hobbiton.
Here's my little bio for Hugh, the postman:

NAME: Hugh Mossytoes

AGE: 61

RACE: Hobbit; Harfoot


WEAPONS: Carries a sling for birds and conies and is a fair shot

APPEARANCE: Curly brown hair kept close cropped, tanned features, brown eyes; sturdy breeches, plain spun shirt, hooded cape as needed for the weather. A large stained leather mail sack which he wears across his chest or ties to his pony, Jolly. Loves to smoke and eat.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: A cheerful countenance, loves to sing and whistle as he walks along. A very good listener. Picks up all sorts of tales and bits of news and gossip as he travels about his mail route. And, he loves to share these new learned tidbits with his customers. Has been known to embroider upon the originals quite freely at times, but will laughingly admit his editing if challenged.

HISTORY: Born and raised just outside the village of Stock, a little ways to the north. Inherited the postal route for that little section of the Westfarthing from his Uncle Hal. Never married.


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