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Tolkien Villains

I have thought about this for a while, and some of Tolkien's villains are far more interesting than heroes.

Take Feanor, who made the Silmarils, that Silmarilion is named after. Or Morgoth, who used them as his symbol of power. After killing their maker's dad of course.

Then there is Sauron, who is the title character in the book, and I have a headcanon about him, which hinges on 'even evil has loved ones' and this is real reason he wanted Pharazon dead. Why, he had two loved ones there, whoah.

Then there is Targlin. Oh, I have quite a bit to say about Targlin, but if I do, it would turn into an essay, so I'll just say this: Uma semente escura do mal foi semeada.

And finally, there is Turin, whose actions weren't evil per se, but still did a lot of damage.
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