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Originally Posted by Pitchwife View Post
Speaking of control makes me wonder about those Ainur who merely clothed themselves into humanoid fanar rather than being fully incarnate. Since their 'bodies' were to them means of self-expression (or, in the cases of Sauron and his like, deception) that could be freely chosen and changed at will, we'd have to assume that any bodily functions they engaged in (such as eating, drinking and, you name it) were also completely subject to their will, wouldn't we? While this may seem enviable at first glance, I find myself wondering whether they were even able to experience spontaneous excitement, pleasure and climactic release as we do. In other words, if their desire to emulate the Children led them to attempting sexual intercourse, did it actually feel like the real thing to them or was it just a gymnastic pantomime that tragically missed the point?
My belief is that the more closely bound to their physical body a Ainur became the more they were subject to "biologial" impulses and experiences.

So Sauron, by this reasoning, would be more subject to this than practically any other Ainur.

However, I still can't wrap my mind around his personality (as we have evidence of it) having any interest at all in this sort of thing.

I think he would find it tedious and icky.
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