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Tolkien writes in the Silmarillion that the Valar out of curiosity emulated the elves and "clothed" themselves in bodies like them, they even created a language (Valarin), they ate and drank, all things they definitely did not need, purely out of curiosity. If the Valar went so far in emulating the children (at first out of curiosity, to better understand the children) then i don't think that it is a stretch to assume that they also tried sex. But since the Valar were only clothed and not incarnate (like, already mentioned, Melian, Sauron in the third Age or the Istari) they would not have been able to become pregnant and could only perform the physical act. Also I don't think that two incarnate Ainu could get children, in order to get children, the other Party has to be a non-Ainu.

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