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I am resurrecting this thread because I love it and it's my baby and I can't let it die. My ideas have changed since I originally posted this and I feel like I should add something.

Originally Posted by Snowdog View Post

I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned that Sauron was Morgoth's mate yet....
Okay, I'm putting the idea out there about Sauron being Morgoth's (um?) concubine? Lover?

Originally Posted by Zigūr View Post
I just noticed this. Is it a metaphorical statement? Surely it is well-established that Sauron was never just a big floating eyeball. Nonetheless I can't think that Sauron, whose first fixation was Order and later simply hatred for those who appeared to obstruct his vision of Order, would have had much interest in anything sexual even at his most incarnate level of spiritual degradation. Sauron seems to me to have been an obsessive person, who in the Third Age at least had two overriding goals: the conquest of the West of Middle-earth and the recovery of the Rings of Power (and especially, of course, the One Ring). He does not strike me as the kind of person who put those fixations aside for the sake of his leisure.
After Sauron's physical form was destroyed, he was not a giant eyeball but, well, I imagine him as being just energy at that point. He still has a will and opinions, but it's not like he can act them out. I guess he's mostly like a ghost in physicality.

Anyway, I agree with you about Sauron being obsessive. He always struck me as being so totally focused on dominating the world, that he didn't care a bit about anything else. Perhaps he used sex as a way to dominate his subordinates when he was still Morgoth's right hand man. But I still view Sauron as being too busy with the whole megalomania thing to be bothered with the relationship or even physical part of sex.
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