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A post-mortem of Huinesoron.

Originally Posted by Coroner's report
The remains of subject GORCROW were found scattered across a wide area. The primary evidence of its death were a large number of feathers; the meat they were once attached to was--
No, that's not quite what I mean.

Day One

Day One I got lucky. I do think Rune overreached with his tag-along accusation of Boro, but I was also lucky that so few people showed up! Only half of the players were active before I had to leave, which meant it was much easier to focus on each of them. Pretty much perfect for a first game Day One. That said, the case against Rune was always weak, and could easily have been the work of an innocent.

Day Two

Day Two exposed the downsides of my first day. I was now firmly in the mindset (that I didn't get out of until Day Four) that wolves would be caught by their spurious logic. That got me caught up on the fact that most people looked okay, and then on the Sally&Morsul case against me. I still don't get how 'wolf-on-wolf is possible' turned into 'wolf-on-wolf must have happened'; Morsul, what was it about me that made you convinced enough to run the risk of people falsely assuming a Seer read?

I also stayed hung up on the BoroMoon theory - ironically correct, and even more ironically proposed by PitchWolf! - which led me down a twisty side-path regarding Sally. I tunnelled on this for a while, managing to miss the fact that it didn't make much sense.

Morsul's reveal threw me for a loop. It took both Sally and himself off the table, and they were the people I'd focussed on all day. You can see me scrambling around to find anything against anyone else, and eventually picking Nerwen. Um, yeah, that didn't end well.

Day Three

Day Three exposed a big problem, and that's the way my playstyle interacted with the time of the deadline. It turns out that I'm very bad at considering people who aren't there; BoroMoon slipped entirely under my radar by the simple act of barely posting on Days 2 and 3. I also never really went back and looked at Shasta's accusations against Pitch - because Shasta wasn't there to pursue them. Sally and company discussed this after I was gone.

The timing also meant that Pitch had a lot of opportunity to reinforce my lack of suspicion in him without too many other people around. But... honestly, I think I would have voted Lalaith even if Pitch had been entirely absent. She said too much that came across as logical errors, misinterpretations, and just plain wrong statements, and had a hard time naming suspects. I know Lalaith is the reading I was most confident in.

Day Four

Look! I finally figured it out!

Except I only got PitchWolf pinned down because of BoroMoon's vote, not because of any reading on Pitch. So I still didn't really get there (and in consequence, I got et). In fact... I've looked back at Shasta's posts against Pitch, and I still don't see it. I think the idea is that Pitch was pushing too hard on Boro as a wolf after initially pegging him as Moon Moon - but I'm having a very hard time seeing his actions as more suspect than (say) Lalaith's.

Conclusions & Lessons Learned

-Never use the word 'see' in Werewolf. (Haha, I've already used it three times in this post... I just can't help it!)

-Look at other people's accusations in detail, bearing in mind the suspect's arguments, behaviour, and voting record.

-Don't trust innocents' judgement just because they're innocent. I ignored BoroMoon partly because of Sally's confidence in him, and was guided into the Lalaith lynch partly by Pitch (who I thought was innocent at the time...!).

-Don't be too defensive. I'm thinking that only actual accusations need to be replied to, not random comments that could lead to them.

-Don't get up at 3am to try and get the drop on the wolves; it doesn't help.

Well, I had fun, and I survived to the final Day as a newbie; I'll take that. Congratulations and well played to Team Werewolf, and thank you to everyone - especially Galadriel55 for setting it all up and bringing me in!

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