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Originally Posted by Boromir88 View Post
Aye, even if it turns out to just be one night of Death, I shall try to make the most of it...

You all think it's that dire? I mean it's definitely not good, but who has the upperhand can change quickly in these sorts of games when a lot of things potentially happen at night.

I kind of think Eomer is the GW and was bussing me, because either Mith or myself is a visitor. He had been going back and forth about me, and at the end put Nog and Legate in a corner to hold them to their votes. I guess we just hope it's not too little, too late.
There are a few things that could maybe save us - a Ranger save, or a Visitor coming back, or if the EW had at some point failed to or chosen not to turn a new wolf. And it's true that it's not unlikely that at least one of those things happened or will happen. But it's also not impossible that not a single one of them did, and that we will wake up toMorrow morning to game over. And if you're facing down even a chance at game over, might as well use it as an excuse for a party, am I right?
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