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Okay, first of all, why am I the spirit of muffins?!?! I demand an explanation!!!!!!!! >.<

Anyway, to business now, eh? (And with the added good news that Iím typing this post on Abigail, and thus able to bold peopleís names. Exciting, I know!)

Iím not immediately suspicious of Lommieís first post, but I find it interesting that she feels the need to remind us that we need to kill a wolf. Yes, I know, she didnít really have anything else to say, and she is one to put forth substance (which is good), but her comment about the two kills being ďdisgustingĒ seems wrong to me. Just something to file away for later really.

Legate said ďprolongateĒ. This keeps him safe from my Day 1 wrath, as heís clearly insane.

Surprisingly, I like the lionessís suggestion that the seer could come out if they dream a wolf straight off. Nerwen, anything youíd like to share? No? Sadness. As much as I hate to say it, I consider the seer an acceptable sacrifice if it means we can rid ourselves of the double kills. However, this also could run us into trouble if we have multiple reveals or what have you, as a wolf could ďrevealĒ and condemn an innocent; we would be down an innocent (and imagine if the wolves managed to fake-dream our real seer! ) and the wolves, while down a wolf upon the next Day, would still have a double kill that Night. Basically, letís just make sure that we weigh any reveals carefully. I think the wolves wouldnít just fake reveal for the fun of it, but if their circumstances are dire (i.e. their double kills are threatened) they might take drastic action to maintain their advantage as long as possible. Proceed with caution, etc.

I agree with Pitch as well. Letís not kill the newbie just because we can. If sheís a wolf, however....

I like Cailin. Letís not kill her. That would make me cranky.

Boro has a very good point. Rather than saying what we shouldnít do, why not talk about what we should? Lommie did this, as well as Agan. Pitch is very quick to specifically say not to kill BG, and several have said to be proactive rather than just grumble about Day 1. But how are we to tell which are good or evil, which are just pontificating and which are actually trying to further discussion? Itís impossible at this point, at least for me. ToMorrow we can loot the bodies; toDay letís do all we can to prevent the bodies from multiplying overNight.

And yes please, no Shasta-wagon on me. No, Iím not a gifted, but I still donít wanna die, thanks. Iíd like to know why Lottie knee-jerked against me however. Whatíd I do now?

Now I shall briefly share a past experience. In the Library Game of Epic Wolf (and Cobbler) Fail, our beloved helper sent us his name first. I believe the system was the same, though I would love for Boro, Shasta, or Nessa to clarify. (I think Mac may have done it to myself and Nerwen too; my memory is a bit shoddy today, alas.) The point is that the cobbler could easily suggest themself toNight and basically give the wolves their identity. Of course they run the risk of being killed *cough* Boro *cough* but if it works it could pay off big time. And yeah, I know, Iíve probably given the cobbler ideas, but I think a clever cobbler would think of it anyway. I think it could be a serious problem for us if the cobbler is able to identify themself to the wolves, so if we catch the cobbler, Iíd be more than happy to kill them (or at the very least have them hunted). Of course wolves must be our first priority but if the wolves know their cobbler and one of them is in danger, they could easily sacrifice their cobbler in order to keep their double kills. I donít want a cobbler-cide to happen. I want to kill wolves. Thus, letís make sure that, if the cobbler is killed, the village is the one doing it, and not the wolves, so the baddies canít use the cobblerís death to their advantage.

Looking back again, I find it even more confusing why I find Skip suspicious. Strange. It was probably his vote-spreading suggestion, which while good for protecting from unfortunate bandwagons is also good for allowing wolves to influence the vote without tying each other together.

Cailin thinks Pitch is very ďpoliteí and has answers for everything. The problem is that she seems to consider it a positive quality, whereas I find his preparation and forethought suspicious.

Nessa is....weird. Which is normal for her, I think, but itís still....weird. I donít want to lynch her just for giving figures, but I see that too often as a ďhelpfulĒ wolf tactic, so Iím shaky.

Originally Posted by [b
Oz[/b]]Hey, I actually invented a way to lessen wolves chance of murdering one of gifteds, we can lynch one of them ourselves!* Has anyone seen*Shasta?
Iím glad I forgot to rep you for the last game we played together. Now I can rep you for that. ^_^

Kit is bizarre and (un)reasonable. Her predictions are very interesting.

Skip points out potential flaws in the seer reveal plan, different and yet just as valid ones as I did above. However, his words seem to ring false. He seems more interested in hushing the seer than in using them. Yes, itís a risk, but if the seer reveals at the right time it could be a major blow to the wolves. I doubt anyoneís suggesting the seer reveal now, but rather when they have information that can be beneficial, both a wolf dream and trails to past dreams which we can trace posthumously. It seems to me like Skip wants to set the seer up on a shelf and not use them. Is he worried about being revealed as a wolf? Is he legitimately concerned for the seerís welfare? Is he the seer himself? Or is he just arguing for the sake of it? Only time will tell, but for now I canít feel comfortable with his post.

Aaaaand the most damaging point against Skip is brought up first in Macís #35. If the seer only suspects wolves (or, for that matter, only vindicates innocents), they become an instant target for the wolves. I wanted to save my thoughts until I was commenting on Macís post, because this is a good catch for Mac (which is to say that he made a good catch, not that heís normally incapable of such a discovery). He also makes some mention of Agan being suspicious for bladdity blah blah, which Iíd love for him to explain if heís able. I donít disagree with him, but I donít see it as an immediate ping either, so Iíd love his opinion.

Haha. Kath points out Pitchís inconsistency as well. Not inconsistent so much as a bit too perfect until you inspect it a bit closer, I suppose, but still. He seems to be trying to hard to point out things that look helpful, yet accuses others for doing the same. He seems too....I donít even know, as my brain is sort of flopping in all different directions, but I certainly donít like what heís been saying (or at least how heís been saying it). Pitch is far too smooth, and Kathís notice of his commentary on Ozís post highlights that. He seems to be the ultimately helpful villager, even poking at those who may be participating less and urging them to be more forceful and less obvious/lazy/blah blah. My brain is getting away from me, but basically heís highly disconcerting and plastic.

Aganís #40 had me feeling happy until I read ďI like X but that doesnít mean theyíre innocentĒ twice within ten seconds. Iím very undecided on her, but I know itís partly because sheís ragging on me for not having any internet. I think sheís a bit too casual with her suspicions, which makes me wonder why. It seems to be mostly this post though, which is even weirder than weirder. I need to step back and think more about her.

Re: Lottieís #44. Thanks, dear. Thanks a lot. *whimpers, sniffles, feels unloved*

I love that Kit is going to defiantly post. What are you in defiance of? *winks*

BGís #47 is so bloody bizarre. I canít decide whether or not sheís serious about Oz. And sheís just not going to vote? If you suspect someone, you vote. (Like I said, her Oz suspicion almost has to be a joke, but....I just donít know.) This is very confusing. :/

Dun makes sense and eats his pillow. The two conditions are not mutually exclusive. I like him.

Nope, I lied. He talks about Nessaís odds talk and then mentions my name. I totally missed something. I donít suppose I could get clarification?

Mac continues to make sense in his #53. The wolves likely wonít hint to the cobbler. The cobbler, however, will hint to the wolves. Thus my above cobblery thoughts.

And with that Iíve read up to my #60. Posting this and will share more after lunch.
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