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Wow, took me a while to notice this! Sorry!

Well, I don't know how much of an authority I am, but I know we discussed ending 'Part 1' just after the slaves and fellowship group and the orc group parts ways, the orc group given some supplies and sent on their way. I remember it being the plan that the groups would split up again until they both ran into some nasty "problems" and needed each other's help. I like this plan because I think the actual bringing together of the groups needs to be pretty gradual still (as in it needs more time). Of course everyone may want to bring them together sooner than that plan might mean simply because of time.

That can all be part of planning 'Part 2', if everyone decides ending 'Part 1' with the separation of the groups once again is alright.

Anyway...pio and Undome - If we go with the plan of the orcs and 'free peoples' separating again, would Rg accompany the orcs? Would your orc sisters and Rg form their own group, with maybe a couple others from the orc group and/or the slave/fellowship group?

That made a realization pop into my head - if the orc group could split up, and Rg has joined up with the orcs sisters, and I know others are starting on some relationships between the free peoples and orcs, then perhaps the separation won't really work out? As in - it won't happen at all, or it will be decided but not really 'enforced' (not sure exactly how that will work, but...), or it will be a partial separation - most of the orcs aren't going to be ready very quickly to hang around with men and an elf, dwarf, and hobbit.

However we work it out, we're coming up to a point in the game, I think, where there will/could be the most splitting up into different groups, the most fracturing of the current groups, which we can bring all together again. So I think a lot of interesting things could happen. And I'd like to keep things open, so that each character involved can side with whomever they wish and cause any divides they wish.

We may not wish to have much splitting up, though, because we have taken longer than planned in the first place to bring everyone together for this... Also going to note: throughout this post, I've talked about all these "groups" as if they are clearly cut, easily definable and all that, which of course they wouldn't be. I know we have too realistic characters for anything to ever be clear cut, which would be boring!

Of course this is all making me wonder if we should wait on all of that, too, until people are more available.

I've rambled enough...anyone have input, ideas? I'll think on things and try and come up with more organized ideas, outlines maybe and all that.

Edit: Hmm, think I'm making things more complicated than they are/need to be.

Anyway, here are some options I see for 'the decision' or whatever it is:

If we end with the decision that the orcs are given supplies and sent on their way
  • This decision could be made (announced) by Beloan, representing the slaves
  • It could be made by Aiwendil for the slaves, who now will not argue...but I guess he would want them to stay together! (Perhaps if he thought they weren't ready yet...)
  • It is an unspoken, unofficial decision – the orcs get back together and leave once everything’s died down, some of the slaves giving them supplies before they go

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