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Folwern -

Dorran will be meeting everyone at the knoll as soon as I manage to fill my save, probably tonight. His main problem is that cracked rib, which is hurting. The gash on his head is not large, and he has an assortment of bumps and bruises. He's likely to grit his teeth and tell his wife that he is just fine! He's not badly hurt but needs to be reminded to slow down and take a breather.

Azhar is another matter. She is worse than she looks--burning up with fever. The origin of this fever should not be known to Athwen, please.

You're welcome to use my characters to get things started. If you fill your save before mine, I'll merely respond to what Athwen said or did.

EDIT: P.S. We crossposted, and, yes, Dorran has a bit of male pride as well as not wanting his wife to worry.


Pio -

I'd very much like to have Azhar briefly say something to Rg. Could I post it on the discussion thread and you could slot it into your box?
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