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After she is out of the water though, is problematic to me. How will our three carry her? As a joint effort? Or is one strong enough to carry her on their own. I know Carl couldn't, and I do hope Kwell might decide to pitch in.
Remember that you have a good sized Elf waiting at the entrance to the tunnel. I really don't think it would be too much of a problem for Lindir to grab the girl, cradle her in his arms, and make his way across the plains. It will slow down the speed of their exit, however. There is another possibility. As I will post this morning, there are now a lot of horses running loose on the plains. It's conceivable that at least Lindir could do what Tevildo had Dorran do--- grab at least one of them and mount up. He could race off and head for the meeting point sooner since it's clear that Azhar needs medical help.

Getting out of the tunnel and and through the water is another matter, as my character can't get through the hole.
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