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My thought had been that the hole was sufficiently large enough to get the kids through, but small enough that a muscle bound slaver wouldn't fit easily. After all it is big enough for a hobbit with room to spare. It is also not that long of a trip under water. Straight down then maybe 3 to 8 feet or so of rock to travel under. (Hilde pulls out her handy tape measure.)

As for the plan, I had imagined that Vror and his axe might go first, just incase some baddies made it into the cave from Lindir's side. Carl could get in the water to guide Azhar through while keeping her nose and mouth shut or maybe holding something over her face that would trap air. (Like how wet jeans do). Vror might need to pull on his ankles to help them out. Kwell could go last to help lower Azhar into the water, and also so that any guards peeking in might not notice the mischief. Or maybe because he doesn't trust them. But this all isn't the way it has to go, by any means. Just what I had pictured.

After she is out of the water though, is problematic to me. How will our three carry her? As a joint effort? Or is one strong enough to carry her on their own. I know Carl couldn't, and I do hope Kwell might decide to pitch in.

I also thought that the water bath might help rouse Azhar or cool the fever...or make her worse off. Tevildo, how do you think Azhar would react, once in the water?

But for posting. Durelin, I will have some time to write Saturday evening, but after that it will be back to 15 or 30 minutes here and there. I'm up for any senerio really, but might have to put in a save if my turn at bat comes up after tomorrow.

Got to run! Going to be late for work...eek.

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