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● Jack Greymoss ●

Jack’s cheeks were flaming from the cook’s words. The tray of bowls, all brimming with fish stew, shook in his hands. And his hands had become all sweaty as they trembled. He looked down at the roiling contents of the bowls and felt his heart begin to race and lurch within his chest.

Gripping the tray all the tighter, he inched backwards out the door and into the common room. With a sigh of relief, he set the tray on the bar top and grabbed a dry bar towel to wipe his hands and face.

Tollers was just approaching the bar with a tray of his own filled with empty mugs. Jack waved him over and let him know what was going on in the kitchen between the innkeeper and the cook. ‘Can you help me, Tollers?’ he asked, his eyes sliding to the closed kitchen door. ‘The old dragon in the cave,’ he went on, ‘is all riled up. And as I live and breathe, I just don’t want to go back into her lair. But I don’t want to let Master Dick down either. Can you fetch the food for me? Bring it out here. Be happy to take it around.’
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