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Btw. As some of you might have seen already, I have added to the gallery of slaves after Beloan a couple of characers. That is: Khala, Cuáran and Fewerth.

Beloan seems to have come to a need: if we don't want to use Durelin's Khamir at every twist and turn we can employ Beloan. That's nice and usable. Please continue using him. He seems to be getting quite a character here, and I think it's only good. He might be killed off at a suitable moment, but at least I would be missing him...

As Undómë never answered to my queries about the older women (Granny Brenna in her case) to having taken care of the young orphan Hadith (mummy being called to work on another location for some years), I felt a need to come up with at least a couple of persons Hadith would know as his "tutors" or "caretakers" - which came handy at my last post... It would be nicer to have these relations with actual writers but if Undómë's not willing, then no can do. So you just get used to Khala and Cuáran. And use them as you see fit.

If our basic story stands, most of the slaves would still know each other! But now everyone is just playing for her/himself, not counting lots of possibilities / actively seeking relationships between the people from the same barracks - everyone just trying to find a way to not being involved with the major runaway and not knowing anyone else / not having any positive feelings to anyone (think of a it: a whole life hating everyone or feeling indifferent to everyone - that's not human, even in distress in like places as concentration camps etc.)

The latest one is Fewerth. That's a nasty one. One who only kind of tries to catch the apples the others will drop down... The [one] riding on the backs of others. That kind of people should be either revered or gotten done with...

I don't know whether you are timid on this one, or I am too careless, but I think we need to name people in the big group - at least when it seems hard to contact other actual players becaue a being-away or anything. Writing just solitary monologues is not good gaming from my point of view (in which I surely can be wrong - but I wrote so many of them in my last game being the one to join the company so much afterwards... and getting badly wounded very soon -so that was not so much an interaction).

So I was just wondering, why I am (almost) the only one to come up with these characters that are being involved in the groups but are not played by anyone? Am I just so poor writer who can't make a monologue or hasn't the patience to wait for another poster to answer a challenge / co-operation plan for a week or two?
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