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Well, if you feel you can handle a minor character, Folwren, I don't see why not. Just: if you ever find you are unable of carrying him along and/or for any reason he kinda 'gets in the way' (which I doubt, as a minor character), would you be adverse to him meeting his death? (Thought I'd ask, just in case...)

But yes, I'm fine with it as long as Child is.

I have a question for you, Undome, about your minor character - is she an ex-slave as in part of the gang? Because if so, it would be well if you could explain that very briefly. I know minor characters only need brief bios, but since Khamir will have to have some kind of relationship with her, it would be nice to know.

The gang was kinda a rough bunch, so I that's why I'm so curious. There's no problem with your character as long as you find a way for her to fit into the gang.

Otherwise she can simply be a slave escapee.

Oh, and (this is to everyone) please say something if there is any confusion about the difference between 'ex-slaves' and 'slave escapees.'

Great bios everyone!
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