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Durelin is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Durelin is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
My folk are in Gondor, and my first post will be their response in Gondor to the king's request. (I'll likely do a single joint post with both Lindir and Radagast in it.) If you'd like, I can merely mention near the end of my post that your Gondor character comes to us and we set out together to meet with the king. That would cover his entrance. It would be good if you could focus on the slave contingent.
I could manage a post about both, I believe, unless you'd rather edit it in my character's role in the group (or you can edit that in either way; it's up to you).

And the first post looks great! I love Aragorn's reminiscing; that's a great touch.

What would first posts for slaves/ex-slaves look like?

Maybe for the Orcs first post would be their disatisfaction with their leader and how restrictive he is?
I suppose then that the slaves posts should deal with their escape from the rebellion gone wrong, and the ex-slaves...well, will they be hiding in the mountains as a gang, or will they be among the other slaves, escaping from the rebellion that they took part of? (Like a liberation force.)

Your ideas for the Orcs' first posts sound good to me; I'll have to come back with more ideas later if I can. Being pulled away from the comp now...
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