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Yes, good idea. My folk are in Gondor, and my first post will be their response in Gondor to the king's request. (I'll likely do a single joint post with both Lindir and Radagast in it.) If you'd like, I can merely mention near the end of my post that your Gondor character comes to us and we set out together to meet with the king. That would cover his entrance. It would be good if you could focus on the slave contingent.

BTW, I think all of the people Aragorn sends out would need to be staying in Minas Tirith or someplace not too far away. (including visiting Elves, hobbits, etc.) It wouldn't make sense that someone would take months to reach Minas Tirith (to say nothing of how they get the message).

That leads us back to the other question. What would first posts for slaves/ex-slaves look like?

Maybe for the Orcs first post would be their disatisfaction with their leader and how restrictive he is?

Once the first post is done, I think time has to leap forward for slaves and Gondor people till the point where they meet up in the caves. That meeting of slaves and folks from the west would be the second post.

Second post for Orcs might be their decision to strike out on their own, not knowing where they're going? Only the vague direction of north....perhaps to hunt for something valuable (perhaps weapons or armor of mithril?) they mistakenly believe Sauron might have left behind on the Plateau of Gorgoroth?

Just thinking out loud. Other views are definitely welcome....


Is that first game post OK?
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