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Durelin is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Durelin is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
Good points, and excellent example. The 'straddling of two worlds' is something that should definitely be kept in mind. And no, a circular path does not really accomplish what we want this game to.

The Orcs' story would certainly be an interesting one. They would be trying to 'fit in' to a culture, a culture more like each of the Free Peoples', and that culture would be trying to fit them in and would have loads of trouble trying to accept them as even allies at all. The desire to move on and escape from the violence and terrible conditions is the one thing that brings the two cultures together. Their goal is the same, but what will happen once that goal is reached? I guess that's a question we'll have to end the game with. (Look at me, already jumping to the end of things...)

Interesting question: is the Fellowship of the Fourth Age limited to the original characters who are sent out by Aragorn from Minas Tirith, or is it rather the larger group who are searching for a new beginning: the representatives from the west, the Mannish slaves, and even those rebel Orcs who at least strike out on their own to look for something different?
Very interesting indeed! I'd say the answer would be one that develops with the plot. The 'Fellowship of the Fourth Age' goes from being simply a small group sent by Aragorn, to broaden to including not only the slaves but also the rebel Orcs.

We already have precedent from Tolkien for conflict wthin the member of the Fellowship threatening/attacking another as in Boromir/Frodo.
There would be endless possibilities. Tension among the group will be scary high, I'd think. That an eruption of violence would be going back to what they were trying to escape might keep that at bay fairly well, but its likely it would still occur. Deserters would be even more likely. I can imagine at least one of the ex-slaves deciding to give up on the group after Orcs become a part of the 'Fellowship.' And, of course, an Orc giving up on both cultures.
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