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"That is a predicament, isn't it?" Dick mumbled. "But it sounds as though the way out isn't too difficult." He paused to drink some of his cooled tea. "I thought you said he had told her there were four lasses? We only have two."

"The other two are dealt with easily enough," Cela responded and told him what she had told Will and the two girls about his other two lasses being away or unavailable. Dick sat back in his chair and stared at her. When she was done, he picked up his fork again, shaking his head.

"That's what comes of going on about something that isn't true. Well, I hope you can convince Will in doing as you suggest, because that's the only way out of it that I see, unless he disappears himself for a while. When are they coming?"

Cela looked at Primrose, and Primrose thought for a moment. "A month, I think he said," she told him after a pause. "In a month's time." Dick nodded.

"Well, if Will doesn't want to go along with your plan, I might figure out some errand or other to send him on that will take a few days." He stood up, having finished his breakfast. "Goodness knows where I'll send him. . ." he muttered. He shook himself and straightened up, and started towards the door once more with a spring in his step. Then he stopped and turned about again.

"Oh, Cela, one last thing. If Tollers comes back for more food, give it to him and don't make a fuss. I told him he could come back for seconds."

"He shouldn't have to!" Cela said somewhat huffly. She turned back to her bacon. "He took enough for two earlier!"

"That's just it," Dick responded. "There are two. Just go ahead and give him his seconds if he asks for them, and don't be surprised if he takes another heaping plateful."
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