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NAME: Gable/Nolwe Florwen

AGE: 21


GENDER: Female

WEAPON: Short Bow

APPEARANCE: Gable Stands just over 5'7. She has thick brown hair that has a tendency to look wavey, and is ussually braided. She's older than she looks, she look's to be about 28 and can be caught wearing boys clothes from time to time. Her round gray always catch the light.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Gable is the sort of person who dreams of adventures, and loves to hear Bilbo's stories about his adventure, and is quite good at story telling herself, though she has never been on an adventure. Sometimes her love for a good adventure can get a little carried away, and when that happens, no one ever knows what to expect from her. She is always ready to help out when someone has a problem, needs a helping hand, or just wants someone to talk to. She trusts just about anyone after talking to them and has always been known to keep a secret, even if others tease her about not telling them. She can be shy around a large crowd of strangers.

HISTORY: Gable was born in Rivendell. When she was younger she was always getting carried away in her daydreams, and every once in awhile she would run away and not come back until late at night, each time claiming to of been doing some heroic deed, though only in her imagination. The stables have always been a place she loves to visit, there is not one horse in their stable that she had not ridden at one point in her life, so she is a good horse rider. When her parents died, she stayed with an elderly pair of hobbits here in the shire, where they nick-named her Gable, and everyone has called her that ever since, though her real name is Nolwe. They were old friends of her parents and her parents had asked them if anything had ever happened to them, that they would take care of her, and she stayed with them for a few years, but they passed away when she was 17, and she has been on her own ever since, but has always kept her sence of adventure. The elderly couple had taught her how to use a short bow and a sling for throwing rocks. For the past few years has been staying in the inn, as Will's assistant.

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