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“Sure, I really meant it,” answered Cela, completely unaware of Primrose’s discomfort. “I’m rather looking forward to it, myself. It’s just the sort of thing I would have done when I was about your age. I only wish I might be a bit younger so as to take part…” She laughed. “But I’ll have to content myself with watching. It’s time for my old bones to step back for you young ones to enjoy yourselves.” As she spoke, she bustled about the kitchen, checking on another batch of nearly-done biscuits and heaping another couple plates with bacon and eggs.

“Of course,” she added, “it’s really up to Will whether he goes through with it; I seem to have quite embarrassed the poor lad. I daresay he can be a bit too serious at times. He’ll think it over, and I’m sure he’ll come around. There’s really not much else he can do. And after all, I’m not actually asking him to court you lasses. It’s just a bit of play-acting.” Cela suddenly realized just how quiet Primrose had been and how very focused she was on kneading that dough. Perhaps Will wasn’t the only one not quite comfortable with her plan. “It really isn’t so serious, dear,” said Cela. “It will only be for a few days, I’m sure, and it will only have to be enough to put on an act for Will’s mum and sisters-in-law. Nothing to get worried about. Look at Rowan, there, treating it all as a great game. That’s all it is.”

But Primrose had continued to knead her dough, even more fiercely if that were possible. “Or perhaps it’s just the opposite problem?” suggested Cela blithely. “You don’t want it to be just a bit of play-acting? You don’t need to be shy, lass. Speak up if you don’t like it. Nothing you say here will reach Will’s ears from my mouth.”
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