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"Now where do you think Iím going to dig up Allyssum, Ginger, Iris, and lovely Sage?"

Primrose laughed merrily, both amused at Will's predicament and relieved that his request for a wife segued into his explanation of the letter. It would have been most awkward had Will intended a flirtation with her.

Rowan teased Will, and Primrose decided to join the game. He had briefly embarrassed her by his plea, though her blush couldn't be seen over her fire-reddened cheeks. A little teasing would be enough revenge. "Yes, Rowan. I'll wager there's more than meets the eye about our Will here. I'll warrant he'll not have a bit of trouble to find a lass or two - or seven - to fit all the names." She grinned at the maid, watching Will's face out of the corner of her eye. Was he blushing?
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