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Ostler/Groundskeeper/Handyman Arry

NAME: Born Wildebrand Hayward, but prefers to be called Will (from Crickhollow)

AGE: 32 (born 1324 SR; III 2924)

RACE: Hobbit Fallohide for the most part


WEAPONS: Stout oak walking stick; small bow used for hunting; general purpose knife in a plain leather sheath at his belt.

APPEARANCE: 3' 7"; lightly tanned; thick honey colored curls cropped short; dark brown eyes. Given to wearing brown breeches held up by a plain dark brown belt with a brass buckle; light colored homespun shirt; brown leather vest with many pockets.

PERSONALITIES/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: At first appearance seems a quiet, reserved fellow. He is thoughtful. Not given to hasty judgment; likes to see a job done well. Does have a good sense of humor. Steady hand with the horses, ponies, donkeys; knows how to doctor them. Plays the concertina; nice tenor voice. Fond of the Perch's ale and a good pipeful of Southern Star when he can get it

HISTORY: Been at the Inn for 10 years. His Uncle Wilfrid Longholes, his mother's oldest brother had been the stabler/handyman for many years and had taken Will on as his assistant when the lad was 22. Will has been the stabler/handyman now for 4 years, since his uncle retired.

In addition to his main tasks, Will has found he has some skills as a brewer. And each year he brews up a cask for some of the holidays his specialties are spruce ale, raspberry ale, and creamy headed dark porter.
He is the last of 7 boys born to Hamson Hayward (a well known pig farmer) and Pearl Longholes Hayward. His brothers (& their wives) starting with the oldest are:

Hamwise 38 -- Opal
Virgil 37 -- Buttercup
Eldon 36 -- Camelia
Meriadoc 35 -- Ginger
Reginald 34 -- Sapphire
Fredegar 33 -- Lily

They all live in Crickhollow and are married. Next year, at the age of 33, he will 'come of age' his brothers' wives and his mother have no end of suggestions for him concerning suitable/prospective candidates for his wife. Will loves his family dearly, but he is very glad he only sees them by post and does not have to have the constant reminder that he should be thinking hard now about 'settling down'.

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