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Assistant Cook Celuien

NAME: Primrose Smallburrow

AGE: 28

RACE: Hobbit

GENDER: Female


APPEARANCE: Average height for a Hobbit. Curly dark hair tied with a yellow scarf, brown eyes. Arms and face sometimes red from bending over a hot stove or reaching into an oven. Wears plain, solid Hobbit clothing in brown, green and yellow and a typically flour-dusted apron.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Primrose is a bit flighty and can rapidly shift from good-humored laughter to annoyance. Somewhat short tempered as Hobbits go. But overall, she's good natured and will quickly regret any fits of anger. Said anger mostly results from someone interfering in the kitchen. She's quite proud of her cooking, particularly her baked goods, but eagerly accepts direction from more experienced hands. Skeptical, but once her respect is earned (a typically difficult task), she will listen to whatever she's told. Outgoing and even boisterous at times.

HISTORY: Primrose was the middle child in a large family with five siblings to the household. Often feeling overlooked in the chaos of her family's small house in Stock, she would slip out to ramble the Marish on her own when not busy with chores or other tasks. At 20, she found herself eager to gain independence and came to the Golden Perch looking for a position. Primrose was accepted as assistant cook and she has happily worked under the head cook's guidance for the past 8 years, though Cela's eccentric habit of hiding important items when they are most needed (or so the relatively hot tempered Primrose interpreted her actions) always remained a source of occasional tension in the kitchen.

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