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Darrell knew Drew from a brewer's convention up in Bywater a while back. Gave him a few tips, and took a few too. Good to know Drew had some pubs locked in and he didn't want to usurp his market. Dick went on,

“So you provide the Floating Log and Green Dragon with your wares? What do you sell, Mr. Largebarrel?”

Darrell smiled and replied,

"Why I make various ales as I see fit. Could make one special to this here inn if I knowed yer tastes. Some like it hoppy, some like it malty, and some, a bit of smoke peat soothes the taste."

Hearing the ramblings of of a well-inebriated hobbit. Surely he likes Drew's brews despite his words. Darrell said to Dick,

I'd not mind sellin' to ya, but it seems Dick has things well in hand here. I'll leave a couple firkins for you to serve if you see fit, and if you should want more, send a card by Shire Post to me, Darrell, general delivery at Oatbarton. I'll see about having some kegs delivered. But I don't want to cut in on Drew, though I know he does a roaring trade in the South Farthing."

Darrell thought of leaving a firkin of the Midnight Stout and the Sunset Red, thinking it would not contest with the amber that Drew has been providing.

"I'm thinking of heading east to Bree-town. but should be back in the Shire in due time. If Drew stops in, tell him I said g'day."

Darrell had the two firkins brought in, and with a nod, wished everyone a fine day. He was off to the Buckleberry Ferry. It would be a long ride.
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