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Well done, Turambar and Squatter. Between you, you seem to have solved most of them.

1) Elfhelm: Soldier of the Eldar takes protective headgear.
2) Mathom: It may be useless, but it has sentimental value.
3) Yzyan: Present realm in the language of the locals.
4) ? Originally, this secret was believed to hold a birthday gift.
5) ? Might this fellow of the land one day take flight?
6) Uinen: Nine erratically follow head of Umbar to see partner in a tempestuous marriage.
7) Incanus: Northern secret agent from Spain can usurp.
8) Long Cleeve: Took home for extended break, reportedly.

And well Done Squatter for getting the Password. It is indeed Emyn Muil. Your turn next [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]

But, in the meantime, #s 4 and 5 remain to be solved ...
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