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Well, I guess in general most of the relations would form really "on the run", during the game, when we'll see which characters appeal to whom etc. But at least now, as for any deeper relationships, for Óin (I have noted it also for myself, but half for you others, possibly only as some outline which may serve you for inspiration):

Trór - well, I already said that above. Most likely, Óin is going to regard Trór in the context of his memories, sort of identifying him unconsciously with Thráin or Thorin Oakenshield, the military leaders he knew (aside from Balin). He also sees him as a young leader who has the pespective to become a "Thorin of Moria" (or Thráin), if the colony continues to exist.

Nisa - As you also write, she probably knows Óin a bit better, and I think Óin finds her a kind and nice young girl, although he just thinks it and does not say anything much to appreciate her or such.

Náli - Óin counts both him and Lóni as "veterans" and I find it likely that THEY are of the "good old friends" type. So, I actually think this "buddy"-feeling is with those two, while Trór is a (perspective) youngster for Óin still. The more, all these explorations and things make it likely that Óin was somewhere just with Náli and Lóni several times, exploring some levels of Moria and perhaps making a discovery or two.

Frár - same as above with the veteran thing. I think they could know each other for a long time, like the types who meet with other friends around a... barrel of beer or something.

Kór&Kórin - actually, I am pretty convinced Óin likes their music and would like to hear them more, although he does not get to tell that to them usually, he admires them mainly because he is not such a good musician as many others are.

I also think that Óin would have some friendlier and more than just "I know about that one" attitude to Kénan (though maybe a bit more formal, like, sort of reserved, "two old gentlemen who are not much extrovert"?).

Say what you think, if you agree or disagree on something... and if anybody thinks of anything else, just tell me.


As for Onli, I am not particularly clear on all relations he has, but I am pretty positive that he was trying to make acquaintances with everybody around here. He surely was in more contact (on a business-basis, mostly) with:

Trór (trying to get on a friendly side with the high-ups), Náli (mapping carefully the progress of any of his new finds), Ori, Vigdis, Óin (same as with Náli), Buri, Lys (!!!), Vitr (!!!) - I think Onli was trying to exploit the family in the past, by the way - Bain, Gror (surely started to get all friendly with him immediately after he appeared, trying to get news about what's going on in Erebor), Dalin, Svior and Hepti.

Enough in contact, I believe, for them to make their opinion on him. He is this smooth-talk like people who stop you and try to sell you something, I hope you all get the picture. So not everybody must necessarily see through him, but I am convinced that there will be people - but that's rather on you to choose - who will dislike him (and some who could be simply annoyed with him, but not more perhaps?). Also, there may be somebody who has either problems or on the other hand, who likes his ferret. Óin, for one, is a bit annoyed with the animal popping up at him when he returns from some lonely journey to upper/lower levels.
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