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There are so many wonderful characters here that I found great difficulty picking out the ones that my characters most adapt to. Fortunately there is at least one of every type of personality here, no shortages on characters to choose from.


Thinlomien- Ori and Tror definately know each other and obviously are friends.

Legate- Same thing as I told Lommy, although Oin might be Tror's best friend. Oin is obviosly more of a battle hardened type and Tror would depend on him greatly when in battle, ergo a relationship must have been formed if they are to work closely together.

Gwath- I had trouble with your character. Frar is definately a warrior like Tror and by the looks of it they are pretty much par with fighting ability (but if one is to be better than the other, I'd say you win), now Tror can take this as rivalry or he can simply acknowledge that you are the better man. Personally I think a bit of rivalry between the two would be nice, what do you think?

Folwren- Your character Kenan is pretty much in line to Tror's way of thinking. Although he is younger than your character I think that Kenan and him are pretty much alike. Unfortunately I don't know where to go with it, should there be a quiet fatherly friendship between the two?


Kath- Nisa might have a crush on Hepti, would that be fine. *smiley*

Ilya- I think that it would be probable that Nisa and Adela would know each other, being the same age and all. Would this be alright with you?

Lilly- Lys, if it is alright with you, would be the one that Nisa would hang out with the most. Although your character is a bit rough (personality wise) something just keeps telling me that Nisa and her would get along. Would this be fine?

Arry/Lilly- Children would be a soft spot for Nisa, giving her gentle nature, would it be fine if the children new her?

Kitanna- The same with your character Iari, she's so cute and think that Nisa could resist to lover her. *big grin*

Lommy- That girl (oops... this is getting fun *big smile*) Vigdis would grind with Nisa's gentle nature. Do you think that it would be alright to have a some resentment towards them (working class vs. aristocracy)?


Lommy- They would definately know each other and intrigue each other.

To your character Vigdis, I've been thinking about it and Nali might actually like Vigdis more than I thought. Maybe just some mere admiration for her work, but I don't know if Vigdis will accept this or be disgusted by it.

Durelin- I thinking that it might be possible that on some occasion your character, Korin, made an insult/joke at Nali and being the silent serious fellow he is, took it to heart and has had contempt for her since. Something along those line *smiles* if this sounds good to you that's fine, but I don't think that Nali would get along with Korin even if that didn't happen.

Folwren- Do you think that Nali and Keanan might get along? Being around the same age I thought that they might know eath other, those oldtimers kind of stick with each other.

All you players who have feisty dwarves- Nali is a thinker and might often listen to the debates that the other dwarves have, but rarely take part in them. So just a note that some of the dwarves, whose nature is to argue, might know him (and he know them).

Wow, my characters have a lot of friends! I might have to cut back on them before the game begins! *winks*
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