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Just because I was curious I wanted to list all the characters in an order of their ages... It looks rather interesting:

Nali 227 (Groin)
Óin 220 (Legate)
Kénan 210 (Folwren)
Ori 194 (Lommy)
Frar 175 (Gwath)
Vigdis 147 (Lommy)
Trór 140 (Groin)
Svior 130 (Kath)
Onli 126 (Legate)
Hepti 125 (Kath)
Vitr 101 (Arry)
Dalin ~100 (Himaran)
Gror 95 (Boro)
Kórin 92 (Dury)
Kór 88 (Dury)
Lys and Nîsa 87 (Lilly and Groin)
Buri 85 (Gwath)
Bain 80 (Dim)
Adela 52 (Ilya)
Kéni 20 (Kit)
Iari 10 (Kit)
Tiv and Tíva 7 (Lilly&Arry)

I think the ages go rather nicely...

And looking at all these Dwarves, they amuse me. Somehow people always pick names that amuse me as a Finn. Don't worry, there's nothing too bad around this time - just that: tror = believe (Swedish), naali (close enough to Náli) = arctic fox (Finnish), and ori = stallion (Finnish again, and I know, it's me who plays him... and as a sidenote, "kili" means a little goat in Finnish). And Jari would be a Finnish man's name but it took me a very long time to even vaguely connect that with Iari.

Okay, to return to a bit more serious stuff...

I also thought a list of professions would be good (now please correct me if I've got something wrong about your characters) if not for anything else, than at least when thinking about possible connections:

Trór - Balin's second in command, warrior
Nîsa - sort of a healer, no special profession
Nali - loremaster, warrior
Ori - ironsmith, sort of loremaster, semi-warrior
Vigdis - mason, semi-warrior
Óin - scout (that includes warriorism/semi-warriorism)
Onli - adminstratory guy
Frar - warrior
Buri - smith
Kór and Kórin - no special professions?
Lys - jewellry smith (is that a word?)
Vitr - jack of all trades craftsman (prefers working on mithril)
Bain - craftsman (not specified)
Kénan - no special profession?
Gror - warrior, messenger
Dalin - weaponsmith (again, is that a word?), semi-warrior
Adela - cook
Svior - jack-of-all-trades, semi-warrior, learning mining
Hepti - smith

Kath - do you think Vigdis and Hepti being friends would sound good? Not probably very close friends as they both strike me as a bit workaholic but I just have the feeling they would probably get along well...

Groin - you said Nali is the friend of masons? That would mean he'd know Vigdis, most probably. Do we want them to be friends or do we want Vigdis have some silly old grudge against him? I think either of those ideas would be good... Also, as a loremaster and old, important dwarf, Nali would probably know Ori. I think we can assume they're friends?

Legate - I have no idea why I'm writing this as it's so obvious, but Ori and Óin are surely friends?

Arry - you mentioned stone masonry as being one of Vitr's professions. Would it be ok for you if he and Vigdis were friends?

Okay, that's all that seems obvious to me. I will try to think of a few more connections to my characters... also, anyone, if you'd like my characters to know yours, just ask - it'd be great.

And now, lastly, one more reminder for everybody: practically everyone is going to die in this RPG. Also, we have quite a lot of characters. So, especially those who have more than one character, don't shy away from killing off them even quite early. It's better if they don't all die in the last battle. I may personally say that I will save Ori to the last moments since that's what LotR says, but Vigdis will be killed of before that. Also, hmm, don't take these words of mine too seriously - don't ruin your RPG experience by pondering all the time how you could get your characters killed. *would add a smiley, but you know, there's a limit....*
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