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"Ooh, I'm so much looking forward to this adventure", Bunny said, "and it's just great you have these lovely lasses as friends and they're coming with us. Don't you think this will be a fine adventure?"

Tansy suppressed a sigh. It seemed Bunny - like Peony - had missed the hint of sarcasm in her tone when she had agreed that it was lovely to have Mira along. Although she genuinely liked the lively young lass, she wasn't truly looking forward to having her come with them. Mira was still more or less a child and someone should look after her. Tansy had a bad feeling that someone might be herself. So much for a relaxing adventure, she thought and immediately rebuked herself for such pessimism.

Even though Mira was young, she was not a little child. Tansy could remember how much she had been irritated at that age when no one had believed she could look after herself. Maybe they should give Mira a chance to have a try at being a grown-up. Besides, she's not helpless, Tansy thought, she's an able and smart lass and even if she needed being looked after, I'm sure Peony as her cousin will take her share of it. The thought didn't cheer her up very much.

"Tansy?" Bunny asked, "Are you still awake?"
Tansy turned to her grinning young friend and couldn't help smiling as well. "Oh, yes I am. My apologies, I got a bit carried away... Excuse me but what did you actually ask me?"
"I just asked if you too think this will make a great adventure."
"But of course it will", Tansy replied, hoping she sounded more genuine than she felt.

"I hope the weather is like this when we're traveling... fresh and warm. Could there be any better?" Bunny asked.
Tansy glanced at her skirt. "Less muddy would be fine", she said with a wry smile, "don't you agree?"
"Oh, Tansy my dear, you're evil!" Bunny giggled, "But if we're sleeping outdoors we can't spread mud all over anyone's floor."
"Yes, that's true", Tansy said, "it just means we have to sleep in the mud."
"You're hopeless", Bunny said, amused.

"What's that bird?" Tansy asked suddenly, "It's an odd song, I don't think I've ever heard it before."
Bunny stopped and inclined her head to catch the voice. "It is a bit weird", she agreed after a while, "but it resembles the voice of the notorious old blackbird that used to live near my uncle's farm. Have I ever told you about the bird?
"I don't think so", Tansy smiled, "so please go on and enlighten me..."

Bunny had just finished her story about the old blackbird when they arrived at the lane that lead to the Bogsworths' house.
"Tansy!" Bunny said, "there's someone at your door. Who is it?"
"Bunny, dear, you can't expect me to see that far. I can only see a vague brown shape."
"It's a man, older than me but younger than you... dark brown hair and hmm..." Bunny seemed to be unable to think of anything special to mention about in the Hobbit's appearance.
"Let's go and see who is it", Tansy cut in, "might be some friend of Fred's."

At that moment, the door was opened and Maylily Bogsworth allowed the visitor in. She waved to her daughter and her daughter's friend and held the door open they hastened in. She shot them an impatient glance and hurried into the kitchen without saying a word more, leaving the women with the man who had arrived just before them.

"Oh, good day to you, Brown", Tansy smiled, recognising the guest. "This is Bella Took, a friend of mine. Bunny, this is Browning Barrabury. He is a friend of my brother Fred's."

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