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“I can pay you what little I have for supplies and we will leave you to your peace, but please would you like to come?"

“Yes would you?" asked Tansy in turn.

Peony was struck dumb. This didn’t seem like something Tansy would do, not with her parents working and depending on her needlework. Peony thought of her own mother. They were well-off and the income she drew in from the tavern was little. Her brothers’ wages brought in for more than her own. But what if Peony went along and something happened. It would break Melilot’s heart. The Hobbit woman could not survive if one of her children was taken from her.

Still she had been craving an adventure all her life. Now it seemed Bunny and Tansy were offering it to her. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, searching for the right answer.

“My mum’s father used to collect maps, I believe my mum still has them locked away somewhere. I’m sure we could find one to replace your ruined one.” Peony said. Her mind raced thinking about what else her family had that would aid in the adventure.

“Does this mean you’ll join us?” Tansy asked, it was clear she wanted Peony to come along.

“Of course I will and we have plenty of supplies here to help. We’ll just need to ask my mum where the maps are. For supplies we’ll have to wait until after lunch, my mum goes to the tavern to gossip and chat. With her gone we can pack up the supplies without raising any suspicion.”

It was clear Bunny was giddy with excitement. “This is turning out better than I had hoped.”

Peony led Tansy and Bunny inside. Melilot was pouring her tea. “Have a sit and enjoy some tea, girls. I’ve made it special on account of Tansy and Bunny. Not everyday we have visitors come through here.”

The four sat around the table, enjoying Melilot’s special brew. Peony cleared her throat and smiled, “Mum, where are those old maps we used to have?”

“My father’s? I put them in that old chest in the study. I used to have them out, but Nick was so mischievous in his tweens I had to hide them for safe keeping. But I think it’s high time I bring them out again. Peony, be a dear and fetch them after we’ve had a bit of lunch.”

The sound of a wagon coming up the road silenced Melilot. “I wonder who that could be. It’s not usual for anyone to be coming by us this time a day. Girls, be dears and see who’s coming up the road.”
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