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Originally Posted by LMP
Dialogue can be tought to write in an rpg with the "two paragraph rule". One solution some of us have hit upon is to build a post via PM, which gets sent back and forth between the two, three, or four players involved in the conversation. A neat by-product of PM-built posts is that they have a kind of immediacy that makes the conversation feel more like conversation really does. So if you're finding it frustrating trying to coordinate conversations, it's a pretty neat tool
Neat!! we will need to try this out.

Originally Posted by Boro
Depending upon how tired I am in approximately 2 hours I may get a post up tonight, if not then it will definitely come tomorrow. However, after that I am taking a nice trip to see some family for Thanksgiving and will be gone from Tuesday until Sunday. Valier, if you want to keep things moving, lmp and Finduilas can have free reign over Rudy til I get back.
I don't think that will be a problem Boro. This rpg may take a little more time to write than I thought, but it is over the holidays. I have no problem taking our time if noone else minds.

Valier, what do you think should be discussed over the breakfast?

Originally Posted by Lommy
Also, because you seem to be hesitant to write Tansy's family members: you really shouldn't be that shy. You may write them any way you wish as long as you don't make them do anything that would clearly contradict something I've said about them...
Is Tansy telling her family what they are really doing? If so we can discuss it over breakfast. If not we could make up a story to tell them and I can go along with it. I think I will use your family at least a little bit, to get my clothes washed and get my pack cleaned.

Also everyone Pio has pmed me and there is a new shire player that would really love to join our RPG. I figured that would be ok since we still are getting started. I hope this is ok with everyone. His name is Sephiroth (I think he's a he) I have given him permission to post to this thread so we can fit him into the story.
grand return?........
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