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Sounds good, but could you hang on to that post for just a bit?

We've gotten our two volunteers to spy in camp: Carl and Vrór. Durelin will do an introductory post where she "accepts" the mission for her character and for the hobbit. At the end of her post, or possibly in Lindir's response, there will be an indication that the two have left camp. Once that indication goes up on the thread, Kwell should be able to hear something that would lead him to think that help is on the way.

Possibly one of the scouts could even make a reference back to having made more noise than is advisable. I'm not sure about that, but you could write and ask them.....


Folwren & Nogrod --

Durelin and I will look at some of the great ideas you've come up with and see if we think something is doable.

We are still short staffed, which makes it tough to get a continuous storyline going. I'll post another absence report later today.....
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