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Thanks Folwren. Many of your ideas make great sense! Yes, it is confusing because we have three separate story strands and we're coming to the point where they need to join together. Not easy to do that. Let me spell out where I agree and disagree.

. . .one thing I see is that realistically, the slaves could not have caught up to the slavers that night to rescue the kids in the early morning.
it is my humble opinion... that the slaves should not be there for a joint rescue.
About the distances and times..... First, you did a great job sketching out the timeline for the night. It makes it much clearer.

I agree. The slaves could not get there by early morning. Your timeline shows that. If we assume the slavers took one hour to return to camp and galloping horses go 6.7 mph (Fonstad's figure), the distance between the two camps is 6-7 miles. A person can walk 2.5 mph. That means the slaves would need three hours to get to the slavers' camp. The best a group of slaves could do would be to make it there by mid-day. If we wanted to make it a joint effort, the fellowship could put off their rescue until the cover of darkness the following evening. (They may or may not decide to do that anyway.) That would be doable, since I think the slavers would likely not try to ride over to attack the slaves till the next morning.

Still, I agree with you. My personal preference is to have the fellowship alone rescue the slaves -- it's easier and cleaner and faster -- and only then ride to the slave camp.

I still think Imak assumes he's been robbed by slaves. He doesn't know about about several things, including the tumult in the slave camp. Plus, just seven slavers orginally attacked the camp. They were in and out quickly. There were 65 slaves spread out around a series of small fires. That's a lot of ground to cover. Imak knew the slaves didn't have large numbers of horses, but he didn't see the whole camp. In his mind, the most resourceful slave leaders might still possess a few horses. If even three or four were mounted, they could make it over to the slavers' camp and do mischief. And if Imak really thinks that a few slaves have stolen his precious sword, he will definitely want to get back at them.

How many slavers are there?
25 in all, but one or two now lack horses, thanks to "our allies" the orcs.

I think the seven members of the fellowship can rescue two prisoners in a disorganized camp, especially at night. I liked your description of the pit rescue a lot. The amount of resistence would depend on how we structure the rescue. If we're only talking about guards on the perimeter and one person watching the pit, I think resistence could be minimal.

As for Athwen's or Carl's role, that would be up to you and Hilde. There are things that could be done by "smaller" characters--creating diversions, helping to calm the children, gaining access in tight quarters or, perhaps even better, sneaking in and managing to add a sleeping potion to the flasks that the guards are carrying. (A healer with knowledge of herbs would be of great use in that situation. Such a move would definitely cut down on resistence .)

What season is it?
Not sure??

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