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Folwren and Hilde,

You've raised a good question. I do think the timing will work, but it will take a lengthy explanation as to what we see as going on. Plus your question ties into wider planning issues for the story. I think it may be a good time to pull in all the posters on some of these questions relating to plot development.

I've written a long post in answer to you, which also raises some of these planning issues for discussion, but I need to run it by Durelin first, since we've been doing the planning together. As soon as I hear from her, I'll tack it up, and then you and others can respond.

Till then, sit tight on the fellowship plot line.

Oh, yes, and this is for everyone, I will be out of town July 30 - August 4 on family business, but I should have decent computer access. We are staying in a motel with wireless and will be alright unless my son's laptop crashes!
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