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Tempted to guess ELESSAR for 5. ELSE for 'otherwise,' but not sure about 'sensational.'

I don't see who, other than Galadriel, the strong Elvish Queen can be. But I note that the straight clue seems to be a place.

OBEL HALAD, with the G of GALAD replaced by the German note H?

4. NUMENOR. Anagram of 'nun more' (muddled), and it was lost.

3. Don't know it yet, but pretty sure it's a woman's name ending in -IEL (confused 'lie'). (I started off with Portia, but no luck there. )

Hang on ... is it BERUTHIEL?

BE is an order/instruction.
RUTH is mercy.
IEL is LIE (fib) confused.
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