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Originally Posted by Eomer of the Rohirrim View Post
If Boro is innocent, and there can't be 3 wolves just now, that would mean that the EW was thwarted on both Nights 4 and 5. It would suggest that the GW is not being thwarted, but then we would surely have seen the Visitor who leaves by now; and I just don't take that from the narration hints thus far.
Unless the GW is scrying instead of gifting.

I feel like Eomer might be trying to mislead the living. I thought he was looking innocent until toDay, but there can't be more than two wolves, so if he was turned last Night, then there would only have been the one, original wolf this whole time.

Unless...Eomer is the EW, he knows the GW is going to catch him soon, and he's making moves and drawing fire to keep attention off of the wolves. He did take command of the lynch yesterDay to get Boro lynched instead of Nog or Legate - but if Nog is innocent, why not go for the easier Nog lynch if all Eomer was doing was trying to protect a Legatewolf?
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