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Originally Posted by Orphalesion View Post

1) The Easterlings of Hithlum called the Elves "White-fiends".
2) According to Hobbit folktales Trolls originated in the Ironwood in the east.
3) According to Rohrrim folktales Halflings have voices like birds.
I'm quite sure the Easterlings of Hithlum did address the elves as 'white-fiends' as they did not trust them, and thought they were too pale to have done anything of use.

I think I remember the Rohirrim stating that the Halflings have voices like birds, but I can't be as certain as the first one.

While Trolls did come from Eastern lands, I do not believe that it was specified as to where exactly they originated. This makes the second option suspect. In my reading, I have not come across any reference to Trolls in the Ironwood. Trolls came from Mordor, and dark lands, but moved West to Eriador some time during the Second Age, perhaps earlier. Native trolls are a very uncommon thing to find in Eriador. I'm calling this the lie.
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